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The company is active in the recycling of worn-out batteries and production of lead ingots by creating a safe and harmless environment for the health of individuals (including employees, consultants, visitors and neighbors), various facilities and equipment in an effort to maintain national and environmental capital.

The top management of the company considers the establishment of quality management systems, safety management and occupational health and environmental management at the top of its strategy and pledges itself to adhere to and pursues the following objectives.
Maintain and increase the health, safety of the staff
Observe the applicable laws and regulations related to the environment, occupational safety and health
Extending and preserving green space to support the environment
Applying qualified personnel, committed as well as increasing the organization's scientific capability by identifying needs and implementing required procedures
Customer-centeredness and quality improvement of services
Continuous improvement and effectiveness in all quality management processes to reduce rework

Obviously, it is not possible to achieve the above objectives except in the light of all employees' efforts and cooperation. Therefore, I will not hesitate to try to achieve the above objectives, and will encourage all of my dear colleagues to help the company accomplish this.

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Address : Kashan Industrial Park Amir Kabir 1 Shokoufeh 4 Plc 253

Phone :(31)55503922-3

website : kianaliazhmehregan.com


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About Us

Mehran Co. is proud to meet the needs of its customers and utilize the knowledge of the day and utilize experienced experts in the field of waste recycled batteries and production of lead ingots in Kashan, as well as its sub unit in the field of recording a battery box and PP (polypropylene) cheese production is actively operating in the holy city of Qom.

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