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Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer first obtained in 1951 by Dr. Karl Mähnen, without knowing the importance of it in Houston, Germany. The importance of this polymer was discovered by Julia nata in 1954. Polypropylene is the third most expensive polymer in the world, with an annual consumption of 45.6 million tons and Assignng 20% of the consumption of basic polymers is the third most widely used polymer in the world.The ability of enhancement, filler, reinforcement and other modifiers have made polypropylene a popular and popular polymer.

The global production capacity of this polymer in 2002 was about 39.4 million tons, up 4.5 percent to reach 49 million tons in 2007. Global propylene consumption is predicted to increase to 69.5 million tons by 2017. Polypropylene in the car manufacturing industry (in the manufacture of interior decoration, butterflies, car floor coverings and car boxes), as well as in the construction of the radio and television, components of dishwashers, mixers, tubes, packaging films for the food industry and the manufacture of fibers Used for the production of carpets, back and sacks.

Some of the polypropylene brands that are most commonly used in injectable industries are Hostalen, Loparen, Westolen, and more.

Polypropylene is divided into two groups of hemopolymer and copolymer. In hemoplolymer is only propylene monomer, but in copolymer there is also some monomeric ethylene. This action results in improved impact resistance and decreased TG point of copolymer relative to the hemopolymer Propylene.
The hemopolymer is divided into three subgroups of methyl group in the polymer chain, namely, otactic, irotactic , sindyotactic

At present, the success rate of polypropylene hemopolymer that is marketed is in its space order.
Regarding its physical nature, polymer has several important advantages over heavy HDPE polypropylene.
Its temperature range is 40 degrees Celsius more than HDPE, which is an important advantage
PP dosnt show cracking tension PE in its use.
PP is harder than HDPE and its glossiness is higher.
This polymer also has the advantage of resistance to warm water and detergents, which often justifies its use in washing machines and water and wastewater lines.


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